Survive! - first release

Dear diary,

These days mark an important milestone in my life: I finally completed a personal project. In my almost 40 years of life, of which 17 spent programming, this is the first time I completed a personal projects. All the rest were scrapped, deleted, abandoned, forgotten.

The first advice I got when I started game development was "complete something and release it!", and I now understand why: it's important to have a sense of completion. It's important to know you're working *for something*, not just to add features and fixes to a piece of software which is basically useless.

That being said, here I am - first release. Followed very closely by a second release because I realized the score wasn't updating properly. This is what you get for being your own QA.

The third release will contain two important updates - explosion sounds and more UI. While play-testing the game, I realized one cannot quit it unless the enemy kills them, so there's that. 

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